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About WCRC
What is a WCRC?
WCRC is a world-class science center.

The center, established on the basis of the structural unit of a scientific organization, or educational organization of higher education, or scientific organization, whose average number of scientists does not exceed 150 people, or in the form of an association without the formation of a legal entity (consortium) of scientific organizations, and/or educational organizations of higher education, and/or educational organization, which has the right to implement basic and additional educational programs, not related to the type of educational organizations.

The purpose of creating
The main goal is to maintain and retain leadership in scientific and technological development.
The centers are created in order to carry out breakthrough research, mainly of a fundamental and exploratory nature, aimed at solving problems corresponding to the world level of relevance and significance.
WCRC types to be established in the Russian Federation
International Math Centers
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Project implementation timeline
in 2020
at least
in 2021
at least
in 2023
at least